Through our efforts to bring indigenous stewardship practices  back to Popeloutchom, AMLT has utilized the full potential of our members and affiliates in a number of projects geared towards realizing our vision.  Below are a few examples of some of our ongoing projects.


Mutsun Ways Publication

"Mutsun Ways" is a quarterly publication primarily containing information from the Harrington Notes, but supplemented with other more contemporary stories and commentary from tribe members. Each issue focuses on a specific theme like "Food" or "People" and is 15-25 pages in length. The issues are generally distributed to tribal members as PDFs, with a small number of annual volumes in print.


Audio Stories for the Explore the Coast Web App

AMLT is developing an entertaining and educational 'audio docent' experience for visitors to the California Coastal Trail with funding from the California State Coastal Conservancy. AMLT will recruit members of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to write and record various stories associated with different points along Amah Mutsun Coastal Territory.  Shared with the public, these recordings will ensure that Mutsun history and presence along the coast will not be forgotten.


Stanford Engaged Community Learning Course

This is a seminar course at Stanford where students partner with a conservation organization to carry out a research project whose results will be of use to the partnering organization and provide research training for the student. In 2015, a student did a project using LANDSAT data to map vegetation types around Quiroste Valley. In 2016, students did a project on the potential impacts of climate change on ethnobotanically signifcant plants.


For more information about any of the projects mentioned, or to request a list of all current projects, please contact the AMLTteam via email at info@amahmutsun.org.